Puraclasse Moscato Sparkling. With its delicate bubbles and irresistible sweetness, this extraordinary wine captivated hearts and delighted palates around the world.Opera Maestra

High up in the sun-kissed hills of Piedmont, where the air was fragrant with the essence of blooming flowers and the grapes bathed in gentle sunlight, the Puraclasse vineyards thrived. Nestled amidst this picturesque landscape, the vines of Moscato grapes flourished, their clusters ripening to perfection under the watchful gaze of the winemakers.

The grapes were carefully handpicked, their natural sweetness and vibrant flavors preserved.

Puraclasse Moscato Sparkling danced upon the palate, filling it with notes of ripe peaches, juicy apricots, and luscious tropical fruits. Its delicate bubbles caressed the tongue, creating a symphony of flavors that left a lasting impression.

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