Casa Defrà

Casa DefràDefrà

Casa Defra (the house of the brothers) was funded in 1908 in a small estate in front of the Berici hills, Vicenza. Today Casa Defrà represents the best selection of the Berici vine growers, an enlarged family with long tradition and passion.

Berici ShireDefrà

Terra Berica (BERICI SHIRE) stretches south of Vicenza, a geographic area marked by the gentle rises of the Berici Hills, by the wide valleys that snake their way through the hills, by the surrounding plain and by the open countryside that extends to the boundaries with the neighbouring provinces of Padua and Verona. Fields and forests alternate with olive groves and vineyards, in a succession of valleys, hills, small plateaus, streams and canals.

Our alta via project for sustainabilityDefrà

For over 40 years our vinegrowers are committed to the sustainable cultivation with the following activities:

– Soil analysis and assessment of the nutritional needs of each vine to limit fertilizer and adopt, where possible, the grassing.

– Guided Defense of the vineyards through field checks and evaluating weather forecast to program only necessary treatment, thus limiting the environmental impact.

– Using the “Quaderno di Campagna” (Country Notebook) to record all treatments carried out, to avoid mistakes and to better assess the effectiveness of treatments.

– Installation of water purification and solar in the vinification cellars.

Today we have also made further steps:

– Direct support with an extra contribution for the protection of viticulture in the most inaccessible areas contributing to the protection of biodiversity.

– Greener packaging with 360 grams bottles and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) from responsibly cultivated forests.

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