Cantina di Solopaca

Cantina di SolopacaSolopaca

The Cantina di Solopaca is one of the oldest farmer’s cooperative all over the Campania. The vineyards are located in a wide area that, starting from Solopaca’s territory, involves other 16 neighbouring disctricts, reaching a total planted area of about 1300 hectares. Solopaca stretches in an area formerly known as Sannio, ever devoted to the winegrowing. On the Solopaca hills was born the fabulous “Solopaca D.O.C.” whose story is lost in the dim and distant past.Even Joachim Murat, french general and King of Naples, who tasting the Solopaca wine, extoled its merits until comparing the impetuous power of the wine to that of his brother in law Napoleon.

Sannio ShireSolopaca

Sannio is a hilly area north of Naples. It extends over the historical grape-growing region of Samnium, the land of the Samnites, a pre-Roman people. Its historical heritage was mentioned in the works of the philosophers Pliny, Cato and Horace, who described the wines as having a “slightly smoky aroma” and an “intense resinous scent”. Sannio gained its DOC status in 1997 and its regulations require that the grapes be sourced from hillside vineyards, where the climate is ideal for the cultivation of best-quality vines.

Traveling through its hills it is possible to understand how viticulture is characterizing the land, and how much is the subject of protecting the environment and the source of economic sustainability of its people. In some areas the vine and its vegetative period mark the life of the local community, especially in the areas between the Massif of Matese and Taburno, and the slopes of Taburno at the Calore River. In the province are born wineries in the form of cooperatives, bringing together almost two thousand and fifty winegrowers, associative and productive realities at the regional level and of significant importance at the level of southern Italy.

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