We Are

We are a group of Italian winemakers.

We cultivate 60 hectares of vineyards in Castellina, surrounded by Tuscan olive trees and caressed by the Tyrrhenian sea breeze.

Our production is made in 6 other regions in Italy, where we work with our partner viticulturists, crafting exceptional wines together.

How we differentiate

Differentiation runs through every aspect of our operations: Vineyard management, Winemaking techniques, Aging and Blending, Packaging and Labeling, Branding, and Marketing.

An efficient organizational structure optimizes resources, minimizes waste, and maximizes productivity, enhancing overall efficiency while reducing unnecessary costs.

By fostering collaboration within a fragmented Italian wine industry, we create synergy and unlock the benefits of economy of scale, resulting in outstanding, elegant, packaged, and competitively priced wines.

How we do it

Our success stems from nurturing longstanding partnerships with dedicated viticulturists, with a shared objective of maximizing grape quality, vineyard productivity, and sustainability.

The blend of collective expertise and meticulous attention to detail ensures the successful cultivation of grapes, enabling us to create distinct wines that showcase our unique character.

Moreover, we actively explore lesser-known regions and grape varieties, tapping into the vast richness of Italy’s viticultural landscapes.

Authenticity serves as the cornerstone of our organization.

Our Brands

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Our Awards

Throughout the years, the highest quality of our wines has been acknowledged by major industry experts and confirmed by the most influential wine competitions awards.