WhoWe Are

We are a group of Italian winemakers.

We work 60 (and expected to grow) hectares in a winery in Castellina, surrounded by Tuscan olive trees and gently kissed by the breeze of the Tyrrhenian sea.

We extend our production in 6 other regions across Italy with our partner viticulturists, producing four-handed high-quality wines together.

WhatWe Do

We blend shared technical know-how, international expertise and work in the lands.

We nurture a network of partners with the goal of making distinctive wine and unique blends to enhance the diverse Italian terroirs.

We praise heterogeneity as an extraordinary value.

We share opinions and ideas to strive and achieve the highest quality.

We focus on lesser-known regions and grape varieties to elevate the enormous potential of Italian viticulture landscapes.

We value land, history, tradition and terroirs as the cornerstones of our organization.

OURAdded Value


adopt a streamlined, centralized and highly efficient model to slash fixed costs when making wine.

avoid duplication of efforts by eliminating organizational inefficiencies.

focus on investing in the quality of our wine production.

cross skills and competences amongst producers.

create synergy in a very fragmented Italian wine production scene.

work together to achieve economy of scale.

firmly believe that operational organization is fundamental to produce great wines, with great packaging at the most competitive price possible.

Our Brands

Premium quality from our selected production

Where is our wine produced?

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La passione ci spinge

Our Awards

Throughout the years, the highest quality of our wines has been acknowledged by major industry experts and confirmed by the most influential wine competitions awards.